The philosophy of this practice is to support the development of relating in order to support the development of meaningful communication.   Social and emotional development is a critical milestone in the development of communication and starts with the first relationship between the parent and child.  It is within the context of this loving relationship that a parent and child “see”  and grow in their understanding of one another.  Reading affect cues and gestures at the nonverbal level is crucial to feeling safe and secure and essential when appraising any social situation.  It is also important to take a deeper look at the child’s individual processing differences to learn more about how the child is taking in information, the capacity of the child to remain calm and regulated and how the child is experiencing emotion.  My role in this process is to coach parents, support their understanding of their child’s individual differences and emotional responses and to grow meaningful interactions throughout the day.  In the context of real time emotionally laden interactions, language and independent thinking and ideas will expand.


My experiences have centered upon a passionate belief in the effectiveness of early intervention and the pivotal role parents play in supporting their child's development.  My specialization is in early intervention, Autism,  DIRfloortime®,Project ImPact reflective practice, parent coaching, training and positive behavioral support. 


  • California Clinical Rehabilitative Credential
  • ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence
  • California License Speech Language Pathology
  • Interdisciplinary Council on Learning Disorders: DIRfloortime® certification and Trainer
  • Profectum Faculty
  • Hanen Trainer: It Takes Two To Talk and Hanen More Than Words
  • Captain Cadre State of California Department of Education


  • CALAIHHM-Founding Member, California Association for Infant Mental Health
  • ASHA American Speech and Hearing Association
  • CASHA California Speech and Hearing Association
  • ECMH Early Childhood Mental Heath Collaborative
  •  ATPF  Autism Tree Project Foundation
  • Southern California BRIDGE Collaborative
  • AP  Autism Partnership
  •  Floortime COC  Floortime Coalition of California


  • San Diego County Office of Education Teacher of The Year: Hope Infant and Family Support Program: 2010,
  • Special Education Administrator's Award for Excellence in Special Education 2010
  • ASHA STARfor ongoing professional development